Save the world … have a drink?

So I’ve been thinking about sustainability and how the little steps we take can make our world a nicer place to live in, now and for future generations… big thoughts eh? I think it’s really empowering to take agency over the decisions we make and support producers who make their products in line with this way of thinking. So I decided to feature a few drinks I’ve come across with a particularly green or philanthropic ethos. It helps that they all taste fantastic too so maybe you can save the world one beer at a time

First up Toby’s Cider you can find out where to get in on their website! €4.20

toby's cider bottle


Toby’s mum and dad, Craig and Karen make great cider, so great it recently won the gold award for the best international cider at WPCS conferance in Wales . When Toby fell ill his parents wanted to give back to the hospital who had treated him and so the decided to turn their cider hobby into a business and now a portion of the profits from Toby’s cider goes to The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Belfast and helps support children and their families battling serious illness.
All theire apples come from local Armagh orchard and they use very light carbonation which helps lock in the natural flavour of the apples, and provides a delicate fizz.
2. Brooklyn Brewery larger €2.50
The Brooklyn Brewery is the first New York City company to use 100% wind-generated electricity; they recycle all our paper, plastic, and bottles. Moreover they recycle their spent grain into animal feed and compost. They recycle all the hot water from the brewhouse; all their cold and hot pipes are insulated with high-tech foamglass insulation. The solar panels on the roof of their warehouse provides about 1/3 of their total power needs. They even use compostable cups in their tasting room.
3. Chimay Blue €3.99
chimay blue

Chimay is an authentic Trappist beer. That means that it is brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery under the control and responsibility of the community of monks, and whose revenue is devoted to social service such as health and education projects.

Chimay Blue is full of rich flavours and has lively carbonation it is low in bitterness and has a delicious spicy alcohol finish.