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“This is a near 5 star experience” Eithne Shortall The Sunday Times

“The history, decanted along with increasingly potent tastings, is fascinating”
Peter Crawley The Irish Times ****
“A Wine Goose Chase addresses the character-absorbing solvents of alcohol without fretting over the one that’s one too many.” Peter Crawley The Irish Times ****

37 Dawson Street ****

From JM Synge’s loosened tongues to Tom Murphy’s miserable tipplers, the Irish stage has rarely had an easy relationship with drink. Refreshingly, Susan Boyle’s performance, a brisk history-lesson- cum-wine-tasting, is breezily enthusiastic about 2,000 years of Irish wine appreciation. Boyle can be sensual and coy, the kind of oenophile who detects notes of wet wool in a Riesling, overtones of forest fire in a claret, and any opportunity for a gag in its finish.

The history, decanted along with increasingly potent tastings, is fascinating then fuzzy; from international supply lines forged by early Christian monks (an elegant Riesling) to the great-craic- altogether-sounding 18th century “Wine Geese” families who influenced Bordeaux’s production (a ripe and earthy Pinot Noir), then something about this Irish guy in Mexico (Réserve Médoc, yum . . . ), and – hey! – the Fringe is 18! Let’s sing and have a brandy! “There is wine in our blood,” argues Boyle – convincingly – although, seemingly quaffing throughout, she might have played more with the subversive implications.

Please enjoy it sensibly.

– Peter Crawley
“A delightful hour of wine tasting and history.”  Chris O’Rourke The Examiner

“At the heart of this show is something a lot less exclusive than the love of fine wines: it’s the power of personal passion that can transform the remotest of subjects into a really enjoyable evening’s entertainment”   Sinead Finegan

“I love this idea, it is brilliant and Irish and sexy.” Elaine Walsh “The Cookbook Club”

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