bubbles! fabulous fizz

So many bubbles, so much choice! When we think of sparkling wine familiar names spring to mind. Champagne, prosecco, cava are all fantastic examples of sparkling wines with wonderful reputations and ones which I’ll admit I have quite a soft spot for.

So for this drinks selection on TV3’s Late Lunch I though it would be nice to broaden our sparkling horizons and try 3 new world sparkling wines just to mix it up a bit.

All three wine use traditional champagne grape varieties ( chardonnay and pinot noir) and are either fermented in the traditional method, meaning second fermentation ( the one the makes the bubbles) happens in the bottle, or second fermented in tank. Obviously the traditional method requires more time space and skill so commands a higher price tag than the more hands off larger scale tank method in which the second fermentation happens in pressure controlled stainless steel tanks.

The traditionally method produced a finer mouse with tiny bubbles. The tank method is considered a little less refined but still can produce very drinkable and affordable sparkling wines.


Wine 1
Cono Sur Brut from Bio-Bio in Chile, produced using the tank method

  • Approx. 93% Chardonnay, 7% Pinot
  • RSP €18.99 widly available



Wine 2
Croser Vintage, 2007 from Adelaide Hills,Australia,

  • Pinot noir, Chardonnay ( approx 70% 30% but its vintage dependant)
  • RSP €32
  • The fizz of choice on Home and Away!
  • Its a little trickier to find, Next door off-licences carry it and a few other good wine shops.

Wine 3
Graham Beck Brut from the Western Cape in South Africa

  • Approx. 53% Chardonnay, 47% Pinot
  • This is made via the Method Cap Classique – i.e. the Champagne method, so the 2nd fermentation (the one for the bubbles) happens in bottle
  • It’s been used in the inaugurations of both Nelson Mandela and Barak Obama!
  • RSP €26.99 widely available in good off-licences